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Wreath Sign, Halloween Wreath Sign, Hey Boo, Pink Halloween, Ghost Wreath Sign, DECOE-2366, Sign For Wreath, Round Sign, 11.75" Metal Round

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Introducing Our "Hey Boo" Pink Halloween Wreath Sign

Get into the spooky spirit with our enchanting "Hey Boo" Pink Halloween Wreath Sign! Crafted as an 11.75" metal round sign, this delightful addition from DecoExchange is perfect for adorning your Halloween wreaths with a touch of charm and whimsy. Its playful "Hey Boo" message and pink Halloween theme bring a unique twist to your festive decor.


Key Features:

  • Playful metal sign featuring a "Hey Boo" message and pink Halloween design
  • Designed specifically for Halloween wreaths to add a touch of fun and whimsy
  • Measures 11.75" for a noticeable and eye-catching display
  • From DecoExchange, known for quality and creativity in wreath-making supplies

Elevate your Halloween wreaths with our "Hey Boo" Pink Halloween Wreath Sign! Add it to your collection of wreath supplies and let your creativity shine this spooky season!