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Wreath Sign, Funny Santa Sign, Pretty Fly, Christmas Sign, 18" Wood Round Sign, DECOE-959, Sign For Wreath, DecoExchange

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Add a dash of humor to your holiday crafting with the Funny Santa "Pretty Fly" Wreath Sign.

This 18" Wood Round Sign, identified as DECOE-959 by DecoExchange, brings a playful and witty touch to your Christmas wreaths and decorations. Whether you're creating a whimsical wreath for your front door or gifting a smile-worthy creation, this sign is the perfect centerpiece for your festive projects.

  • Key Features:

- Funny Santa "Pretty Fly" Design: The wreath sign features a humorous Santa design with the caption "Pretty Fly," adding a lighthearted and entertaining touch to your Christmas wreaths.

- 18" Wood Round Sign: With a generous diameter of 18 inches, this wooden round sign provides a substantial and impactful presence, making it suitable for various wreath sizes and holiday decor projects.

- DECOE-959 by DecoExchange: Identified by the code DECOE-959, this sign ensures authenticity and quality associated with DecoExchange – a trusted name in crafting supplies.

- Versatile Christmas Element: Ideal for Christmas wreaths and holiday decorations, this sign offers versatility in expressing your creativity for a cheerful and festive atmosphere.

- Quality Craftsmanship: Crafted from high-quality wood, this sign guarantees durability and a consistent appearance, ensuring your holiday creations stand out.

Spread holiday cheer and laughter with the Funny Santa "Pretty Fly" Wreath Sign. Whether you're crafting for personal enjoyment or adding a humorous touch to your holiday sales, this sign brings joy and amusement to your Christmas-themed projects.