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How to Host Wreath Classes, In-Person Featuring Sincerely Creative

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This tutorial will prepare you for a PROFITABLE & successful In-Person Wreath Class that has all your students waiting for your next class to be available!!

In true Sincerely Creative fashion this tutorial has a LOT of words and it is JAM PACKED with crazy amounts of information that will help catapult your wreath making classes into an active and consistent part of your income. You will learn step by step directions, useful experiences & valuable ideas for the entire process… PROFIT, Design, venue, pricing, timelines, marketing, preparation, how to collect money, how to make it fun AND  how to willingly bring your students back to the craft table for your NEXT class!!!

It’s true… the materials for my very first wreath class cost a total of $11.42 per person. It was a smaller (SUPER CUTE) Fall wreath design with a pumpkin sign that was ADORABLE!!! The class sold out quickly and my excitement overflowed. My very first class brought 21 PEOPLE to the crafting table and brought in a ticket profit of just under $800.00… I was hooked!!! I learned A LOT, adjusted and continued with several more profitable wreath making classes that left me knowing one thing for sure… an IN- PERSON WREATH CLASS is a very profitable portion of this business and it’s also my favorite part!!!