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4"X100Ft Value Faux Burlap Yellow RC500229

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Elevate Your Crafts with 4"X100Ft Value Faux Burlap in Vibrant Yellow - RC500229!

Introducing our Value Faux Burlap in the radiant shade of yellow! Crafters, get ready to infuse your projects with a touch of rustic charm and sunny elegance.

  • Key Features
Sunny Yellow Hue: The 4"X100Ft roll of Faux Burlap in Yellow is perfect for adding a pop of color to your crafts.

Versatile Texture: Enjoy the rustic appeal of burlap without compromising on flexibility and ease of use.

  • Why Choose Our Value Faux Burlap?

1. Budget-Friendly: Affordable without sacrificing quality, this faux burlap is perfect for large projects or adding a rustic touch to small crafts.

2. Easy to Work With: At 4 inches wide and 100 feet long, it provides ample material for various creative endeavors.

3. Endless Creativity: Ideal for wreaths, floral arrangements, rustic wedding decor, and more, let your imagination run wild!

  • Perfect for:
- DIY home decor
- Wedding and party decorations
- Gift wrapping
- Floral and craft projects
- Seasonal crafts

  • Unleash Your Creativity!
Whether you're a seasoned crafter or just starting, our Value Faux Burlap in Yellow opens up a world of possibilities. Add a rustic touch to your creations and watch them come to life with vibrant charm.

  • Crafting Delight!
Surprise your friends and loved ones with gifts wrapped in the warmth of yellow faux burlap, or create personalized crafts that reflect your unique style.

*Note: The roll dimensions are 4 inches in width and 100 feet in length.*