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4"X100Ft Value Faux Burlap Emerald Green RC500206

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Elevate your crafting experience with our 4"X100Ft Value Faux Burlap in Emerald Green (RC500206). This versatile ribbon combines the rustic charm of burlap with the vibrant allure of emerald green, adding a touch of sophistication to your creative projects.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: With a width of 4 inches and a generous length of 100 feet, this faux burlap ribbon offers ample material for a variety of crafting endeavors.
  • Emerald Green Elegance: The rich and vibrant emerald green hue brings a pop of color to your projects, making them visually striking and stylish
  • Versatile Crafting: Ideal for gift wrapping, floral arrangements, wreaths, and DIY projects, this ribbon adds a touch of natural elegance to any creation.

Transform your crafts with the timeless appeal of our 4"X100Ft Value Faux Burlap in Emerald Green. Whether you're decorating for an event or adding a rustic touch to everyday projects, this ribbon is a valuable addition to your crafting toolkit.