Wreath Price Tagging Gun Tool

Wreath Price Tagging Gun

  • $15.99


Comes with 5,000 50MM tagging gun fasteners & 5 needles.

  • This is the same type of tagging gun that we used to price or wreaths for years. 
  • Durable hard plastic the clothing tagger gun with standard size stainless steel needles - Under the correct operation, our clothes tagging gun still work well even though after thousands of times use.
  • The load of attachments and the replacement of needle both won't take you too much effort. You can learn to use this tag gun within one minute so long as you have read the instructions.
  • It's a great tool for attaching cardboards/ brand labels/ price labels to to your products.
  • Perfect for shop, boutiques, retailers, online seller, craft shows.

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