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Wreath Sign, Valentine Sign, 18" Wood Round Sign DECOE-420, Sign For Wreath, DecoExchange

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Introducing our 18" Wood Round Valentine Sign (Product Code: DECOE-420) - Elevate Your Wreath with Love!

Enhance your Valentine's Day wreath with our specially crafted wood round sign. This versatile sign is designed to complement your festive decor, adding a touch of romance to your seasonal celebrations.

Key Features:

  • 18" Diameter for a noticeable and festive presence
  • Simple yet elegant design for easy wreath integration
  • Crafted with quality materials for durability
  • Versatile enough to pair with various wreath styles

Embrace the spirit of love in every detail. Order our Valentine Sign (DECOE-420) from DecoExchange now and give your wreath a heartwarming finishing touch!