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Wreath Sign, Pumpkin Sign, Pumpkin Face, DECOE-2359, Sign For Wreath, Round Sign, 10" Metal Round

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Introducing Our Pumpkin Face Wreath Sign

Get into the festive spirit with our adorable Pumpkin Face Wreath Sign! Designed as a 10" metal round sign, this piece from DecoExchange adds a playful touch to your fall wreaths. Featuring a whimsical pumpkin face design, it brings a smile to anyone who sees it and perfectly complements your autumn-themed decor.


Key Features:

  • Pumpkin-themed metal round sign designed for wreath embellishments
  • Adorable pumpkin face design adds a playful and festive touch to your fall decorations
  • Measures 10" in diameter, making it a perfect size for wreath centerpieces
  • From DecoExchange, known for quality and creativity in seasonal decorations

Add some pumpkin fun to your fall wreaths with our Pumpkin Face Wreath Sign! Whether you're crafting a Halloween wreath or simply decorating for the autumn season, this charming sign is sure to delight both kids and adults alike.