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Wreath Sign, 18" Wood Round Nativity Scene - Hand-Painted Image - Exclusive Sign - Fall Sign - CH-003, DecoExchange, Sign For Wreaths

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Experience the sacred beauty of the season with the 18" Wood Round Nativity Scene Wreath Sign. This exclusive and hand-painted sign, identified as CH-003 by DecoExchange, brings a heartfelt touch to your crafting projects.

Whether you're creating a nativity-themed wreath for your door or infusing a spiritual atmosphere into your home decor, this sign serves as a unique centerpiece for your wreath and crafting endeavors.

  • Key Features

- Exclusive Hand-Painted Image: The wreath sign features an exclusive and hand-painted Nativity Scene image, showcasing the beauty and reverence of the season.

- 18" Wood Round Sign: With a substantial diameter of 18 inches, this wooden round sign provides a bold and impactful presence, making it suitable for various wreath sizes and holiday decor projects.

- CH-003 by DecoExchange: Identified by the code CH-003, this sign ensures authenticity and quality associated with DecoExchange – a trusted name in crafting supplies.

- Versatile Seasonal Element: Ideal for nativity-themed wreaths, holiday decor, or any project that aims to convey a spiritual message, this sign offers versatility in expressing your creativity.

- Quality Craftsmanship: Crafted from high-quality wood and hand-painted with care, this sign guarantees durability and a consistent appearance, ensuring your creations stand out.

Bring a touch of exclusivity and reverence to your crafting with the 18" Wood Round Nativity Scene Wreath Sign. Whether you're crafting for personal enjoyment or enhancing your product offerings, this sign adds a unique and meaningful touch to your creations.