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20"x13" Cross Board UITC-CR, wreath ring, wreath frame

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- UITC Frames Are An Ideal Teaching Tool. For Wreath Making Workshops, The Guide
Holes Mean A Consistent Creation Process That Makes It So Much Easier To Lead
- The UITC™ Cross Wreath Board is a 20" x 13", 3/16" thick, this adds extra durability for
outdoor conditions. The Cross Board is constructed entirely out of 100% recycled plastic.
The board creates a finished wreath approximately 24" x 16".
- UITC Frames Are Made from 100% Recycled Plastic And Are 100% Recyclable. Reducing Our Carbon Footprint Is Always A Goal At UITC. ? UITC Frames Have A Solid Plastic WeatherProof Construction, Your Finished Wreath
Will Have A Sturdy And Reliable Frame That Will Not Rust or Warp.
- UITC Frames Save Time And Money. Because We Use Guide Holes There Is No More
Wrapping Mesh Or Twisting Pipe Cleaners And Your Finished Wreath Won’t Have Any
Gaps. At UITC, With Our Craft Show Wreathers In Mind, Creating More With Less Is Always The Goal.