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2021 Craftpreneur Design Planner by Damon Oates

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Hey CraftPreneur do you struggle with knowing what you need to be making and when? Do you know when to post those items so that they get the attention that they need for your product to sale?

Get your hands on Damon's 455 page CraftPreneur Design Planner this is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD.

You will have to print and bind this into a book if you want a physical copy.

The planner contains the following items:

  • What to start making each month based on upcoming holidays.
  • What to start promoting each month on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Etsy to increase engagement and sales.
  • The 2021 Holiday list that Damon has sold the most of.
  • Note pages to write down key points, takeaways, SEO words and more each month
  • Note pages to write down key points, takeaways, wins, and key SEO words that were beneficial for you.