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12"L Metal/Embossed Leopard Spot Pumpkin White/Black/Tan MD076527

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Introducing our 12-Inch Metal/Embossed Leopard Spot Pumpkin (Product Code: MD076527) - Chic Elegance in White, Black, and Tan!

Elevate your fall and Halloween decor with our 12-Inch Metal/Embossed Leopard Spot Pumpkin. This chic and elegant pumpkin features an embossed leopard spot pattern in White, Black, and Tan, adding a touch of sophistication to your seasonal displays.

Key Features:

  • Stylish 12-inch size for a chic and eye-catching presence
  • Metal construction with an embossed leopard spot pattern for a unique look
  • Versatile design for easy integration into fall and Halloween displays
  • Chic color combination in White, Black, and Tan for a sophisticated touch

Bring a touch of chic elegance to your seasonal decor with the Metal/Embossed Leopard Spot Pumpkin. Order our 12-Inch Pumpkin (MD076527) today and enhance the visual appeal of your fall and Halloween displays!