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10"Wire, 20"Oad Pencil Work Wreath X12 Ties, M Copper XX167938

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Introducing our versatile 10" Wire, 20" Outer Diameter Pencil Work Wreath with 12 Ties, crafted in a metallic Copper finish (Product Code: XX167938).

Elevate your wreath-making projects with this durable and easy-to-use pencil work wreath, designed to provide a sturdy base for your creative endeavors.

Key Features:

  • 10" Wire with a 20" Outer Diameter for a substantial and eye-catching wreath size
  • Pencil Work Wreath in a metallic Copper finish for a chic and elegant appearance
  • 12 Ties for secure attachment of decorative elements and accents
  • Ideal for creating custom wreaths for various occasions and seasons

Transform your wreath creations with the sturdy and stylish appeal of this Pencil Work Wreath in metallic Copper. Order now and infuse your projects with the sophisticated charm of Copper!